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Helpful Tips When Choosing Jewelry Online

Are you looking for something specific and have now opted for your next solution online jewelry shopping??  We are here to help with your jewelry decision making dilemma.  When looking for jewelry online, it becomes challenging to visualize how the piece may look with your attire or outfit.  Knowing your style, the colors you like, and the type of jewelry you like (what you usually wear, repeatedly, if you are like us).  The occasion for the purchase, like a wedding, party or a concert, all these things help in leading you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for and can certainly aid in the final decision-making process.  Matching your jewelry with your attire is an art that requires an extraordinary eye for detail.  For most women (& men), preparing for parties, functions or most events can be daunting but exciting, none the less.  Picking the right jewelry to coordinate with your attire AND say what you are feeling is among the most time-consuming tasks.  After all, jewelry is an extension of your personality and can help you share your message with the World (without saying a word, right?!).


Wearing perfect pieces of jewelry that go well with your clothing can make you look enticing, feel more confident and elevate your style in a manner like never before.  There are so many options and so many beautiful accessories to choose from today, we are amazed when we go to shows and see all the amazing jewelry out there.  Incredible!  There really is something for everyone!  So, it may make sense to give surplus time to finalize the best piece(s) for you.  For the best online jewelry shopping available, you can visit Cameo Calamity and purchase the most beautiful pieces of ornamental desire online, consult with an expert jewelry consultant or design your own custom piece and then, you slowly prepare yourself for the magic about to happen.  (I feel the excitement unfolding already.)

This blog will help you on your way with some of our most insightful and trusted tips to never go wrong when choosing jewelry online.  Let’s continue.

Interested in the toned down look or do you go bold?  But how can I achieve both?

Fashion and style is all about a good combination of balance and harmony, or as we like to say in the gemology world, the symmetry.  For instance, if you are wearing attire with heavy embellishments or bold designs, it would be good to wear something more simple or subtle jewelry.  The logic is to let the jewelry beautify you and your sense of style by adding completeness to your look instead of diverting unnecessary or unwanted attention.  So, before going online jewelry shopping, it is imperative to finalize your outfit (or narrow down to a couple options), have an idea about what matches your personality and not what would just go with the outfit or match, so to speak.  Remember, jewelry reflects who you are on the inside.  It has come to symbolize style, freedom, affluence, influence and sophistication.  There is a balance of the jewelry worn with the message being conveyed.  All this can be achieved by someone who has taken the time to procure their jewelry even more than the actual outfit (us for sure!!).  You've heard of buying a great pair of earrings and then building an entire outfit around one accessory, right?  You can visit our online store,, which is the best online jewelry store in Las Vegas for further options to help you with your decision-making process.


At Cameo Calamity, what we do best is jewelry suites!  We love the match!  If you grew up in the 60s and 70s then you know how important the match really was, as it is nothing new and has been done throughout history.  Most things we read today, discredit the match, we still love it!  The beauty of suites is it allows you to buy one piece and continue to purchase the matching jewelry items over time.  When done, you have a masterpiece and something that can be cherished and past down for generations.  Note:  It doesn't have to be matchy match, ok?


Determine Where You Wish to Drive (the) Attention!?:

Looking elegant or chic is not by chance; it requires focusing on tiny aspects of who you are and the message you are hoping to convey.  There is always a point at which drives attention.  For instance, it could be long earrings, an artistic necklace, or an heirloom piece that looks like the one your grandmother used to wear.  Thus, when online jewelry shopping, determine where you wish to drive your (the) attention.  Wearing long drop earrings diverts attention toward your face.  Think of earrings as a frame for the face.  These small yet impactful tips can make a significant difference to your appearance, harness it!  This is your chance to leverage your power of purpose, use it.


Make sure it Reflects the Occasion:

This is one of the most apparent yet ignored aspects.  Make sure that your jewelry matches the occasion.  For instance, if it is everyday fashion or a formal office gathering, don't adorn yourself lavishly with heavy ornaments, unless this is your style already (please, you do you!!)  Note:  Dress Codes are not for everyone!  Similarly, if you are wearing it for a night out or a cocktail party, you can pick intricate and trendy designs.  And do not forget about concert goers or those of us who take the stage.  Many one-of-a kind(s) and notables to be found, you may consider something custom for certain events, leave enough time for this, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


Explore a Variety of Options Before Finalizing:

When online jewelry shopping it is wise to give ample time to explore different design options.  And when shopping online, you can do this.  Online shopping is available 24 hours a day!  Look for dedicated jewelry consultants to help you with your purchase.  Cameo Calamity is ideal for the best online jewelry shopping experience offered... we offer countless, unique designs that are sure to leave you mesmerized, looking adorned and feeling inspired.  You can also shop for a variety of ornamental items for diverse occasions and have a lavish collection unsurpassed by any jewelry connoisseur, a selection adorned by any admirer.

Find Jewelry as Unique as You:

Whether you like the modern or aspire more to a slight touch of the old-fashioned.  Items such as fine porcelain, Dominican amber (yes, tree resin) and seashells, combined with alternative metals can impact the price of jewelry drastically.  But also allows the purchaser to find something affordable, wearable and unique.  Something that is older, or an upcycled piece of jewelry lends a hand to having something unique too.  Something that was once treasured and now found again.  So, it’s like you have found your very own lost treasure, something with a story, with meaning.  Some older items look as though they were never worn.  It is evident in reviewing the item.  You know why this is?  Because it wasn't ever worn!  It was put away for some special occasion and life happened or it was forgotten or someone didn't want to wear it because they thought it was TOO much or... so please, WEAR YOUR JEWELRY & ENJOY IT!  Each piece at is curated here and inspected diligently.  So, even though the item is older, it can look brand new (believe it or not).  If you are looking for a unique boutique, shop for an online shopping experience like no other.  Wear it like you mean it!


We are here to serve you with complimentary solutions and information on jewelry trends.  Expanding our services for 2023.  We support the Women in Mining initiative.  For more information related to our jewelry, accessories or services visit

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